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HBHosting [ Australian Web Host ][ Paid ]

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* Please note: This provider offers services in Australia only. iconfinder_flag-australia_748002.png


HBHosting ( https://www.hbhosting.com.au/ ) has been around the Australia hosting industry for a couple of years now, originally offering game server hosting they began to focus their attention on their web hosting services, which have paid of. Whilst still considered a fairly new host in the industry, I've been pleasantly surprised with not only performance of the service, but the pricing and support as well.



iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Simple & fast registration                                                                                                                                                                           
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png CPanel Control Panel                                                                                                                                                                               
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Live chat & support.                                                                                                                               
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Generous resources 
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Litespeed web server.
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png R1Soft backups  
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png One of the cheapest Australian hosts.                                                      


iconfinder_cross-button_45933.png No public status page ( Customers do have access to the WHMCS status page )
iconfinder_cross-button_45933.png Small amount of auto-installers

HBHosting uses the Cpanel control panel which we have all come custom to seeing & using which needs no introduction. The control panel itself comes with the standard, with the addition of R1Soft backups allowing you to protect & restore your website in the unfortunate event you may need to revert back a couple of days. 


So, What do you actually get? 

As per majority of my reviews, i go with the cheapest plans available which is their 'Starter' plan starting at $4.00 AUD

iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png 25 GB Bandwidth
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png 5 GB SSD Disk Space
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Free SSL
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png 5 MySQL
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png 5 FTP Accounts
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png 5 Email Accounts
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Instant account activation

While that may not seem like a lot, for $4 Australian you are getting a great deal. The 'Starter' package is just that, fantastic for new websites / development websites with low traffic. You are also on SSD drives and not your standard mechanical drives allowing for better overall performance. To view a full list of features and packages please click here.


If you have pre-sales questions, HBHosting offers live chat which is fantastic. They were able to answer my questions easily & quickly without having to wait for an email back. Keep in mind as this is an Australia business they do run on a different timezone for anyone not from Australia. They also offer 24/7 ticket support using the WHMCS billing software. Super simple to use & once again was able to receive a quick reply during the day.


One of the most important aspects of your website is how it will perform. There is no point of having a website hosted somewhere when it may take to long to load. We test each host with the same website template with no additional CDNs or other outsourced services not provided by the host. Below are the results.

The average maximum a website should load is between 0-3 Seconds. Anything above that is considered slow, speed matters. Not only does it matter to potential clients or customers how long your website may load, but it also affects your google rankings.


iconfinder_flag-canada_748016.png  Page load time: 2.5s

iconfinder_flag-usa_748050 (1).png  Page load time: 2.7s

iconfinder_flag-australia_748002.png  Page load time: 0.7s

iconfinder_flag-china_748006.png  Page load time: 2.3s

iconfinder_flag-united-kingdom_748024.png  Page load time: 4.2s


Website load Test ( 50 VUs ) ( 10 minute test )

iconfinder_information-button_46077.png  No performance issues

While performing a load test ( 50 VUs gradually ) to simulate visitors there was no performance issues. Response times remained steady with no large spikes. It was easily able to handle this test.

Overall Score



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