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000WebHost Review [ Free Web Host ]

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000WebHost ( www.000webhost.com ) Is a well known free hosting provider, which comes with a large & impressive set of features, easy-to-use navigation & surprisingly 0 ads shown on your website. Whilst there are many reviews out there that dive into the obvious list of features you recieve & their support, Our main focus is if this is a host that you can rely on & has the performance to run your website fast & efficiently. 


Pros:                                                                                                                                                                          Cons:

iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Simple & fast registration                                                                                                                                                                           iconfinder_cross-button_45933.png No email accounts
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Custom control panel                                                                                                                                                                                 iconfinder_cross-button_45933.png Limited direct technical support
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Live status page ( https://status.000webhost.com/ )                                                                                                                                iconfinder_cross-button_45933.png No backups
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Free plan supports Mysql                                                         


Their control panel is simply & easy to navigate which i love, however it's simple for a reason; It lacks a lot of features the default cpanel comes with, it gives you the bare bones to run your website and that's it. If you require assistance, as a free member there is no support ticket system, instead they have a community forum allowing you to post your issues their and hope someone is able to resolve it. While i understand they had to cut some corners to offer a free solution, basic support ticket system goes a long way.      


So, What do you actually get? 

iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png 10 GB Bandwidth
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png 1 GB Disk Space
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Free domain name hosting
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Custom control panel
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Free website builder
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Full PHP & Mysql database support
iconfinder_tick-button_46280.png Instant account activation

For free web hosting 1 GB disk space is enough for a small website as long as you don't go crazy with images as well as 10 GB of bandwidth, majority of small startup website that would be sufficient to get you started, but will not last you forever. To see a full list of features click here.


Near non-existant for free members, must rely on community forum.


One of the most important aspects of your website is how it will perform. There is no point of having a website hosted somewhere when it may take to long to load. We test each host with the same website template with no additional CDNs or other outsourced services not provided by the host. Below are the results.

The average maximum a website should load is between 0-3 Seconds. Anything above that is considered slow, speed matters. Not only does it matter to potential clients or customers how long your website may load, but it also affects your google rankings.

iconfinder_flag-canada_748016.png  Page load time: 3.6s

iconfinder_flag-usa_748050 (1).png  Page load time: 1.6s

iconfinder_flag-australia_748002.png  Page load time: 2.5s

iconfinder_flag-china_748006.png  Page load time: 2.8s

iconfinder_flag-united-kingdom_748024.png  Page load time: 3.3s


Website load Test ( 50 VUs ) ( 10 minute test )

iconfinder_exclamation-button_46012.png Performance issue

While performing a load test ( 50 VUs gradually ) to simulate visitors it did encounter potential bottlenecks & resource limiting, there were also large spikes in response times as the VUs gradually increased.



Overall Score



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