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  • We ask you to follow all forum rules & guidelines to ensure a safe & enjoyable community experience. These are enforced by our staff team who will take action if you are in breach of any rules.

    General Posting Guidelines;

    • No Racism, Abusive language, Anti-religion speech or Sexism.
    • Critiques & Criticism's are welcomed in appropriate forum(s) such as ( Community Reviews )
    • English only please. We're an English speaking community & we expect our users to respect that.
    • Keep all threads within their appropriate section, if unsure private message a staff member.
    • Do not derail topics. ( eg. Go off-topic )
    • Reviews / Personal opinions are not allowed on sales threads. ( They are for advertising & asking relevant questions )
    • You may only bump topic once per 24 hours.

    Username Guidelines;

    • Username length between 3-26 Characters
    • Must not include any foul / offensive words
    • Do not impersonate a business or person.
    • No special characters allowed.
    • No images allowed

    These Rules & Guidelines are put in place to help protect the community against unwanted users. We are contentiously monitoring the community and are determined to have a safe & enjoyable experience for all. Please follow all staff members request as they are doing what is best for the community.




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